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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Well well wel, it's snowing again! Pretty! I love the snow, it's the ice that isn't my friend...
Just got the news that Tysabri is being taken off the market. Pooh. I was going to go on it, I am glad they took it off before I did. But tha leaves me with no meds for MS. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go without. As long as I am doing OK, and I seem to be, then it doesn't matter, I can just keep on keepin' on....
Both cats are in heat! MEOW! I'm going to try to get them both fissed this month. It is funny watching them...they "help" each other...in ways I cannot describe. Lets just say that for a cat to come out of heat they have to be....satisfied...
A cat will stay in heat until her egg is "dropped" and for that to happen they have to have intercourse. But they can be "stimulated" and drop that egg..so the girls are helping each other...I won't say more, except that if I took pics they'd fall under the category "Kitty Porn" SO I'm going to take themto the vet and get that problem taken care of. I would be terrified to mate Lil Bit anway, she is so small I doubt she could deliver kittes safely. And Razzi? Well I think she'd be happier as well. so they'll both get to see the Dr....
I'm making 15 bean soup today, seemed like the right day for it. It smells heavenly, I can't wait till it is done! My stomach is developing language skills it is rumbling so hard!
I'm getting the stuff I need to make magnetic hematite anklets and bracelets. I have used magnetic therapy before and it works for me, so I'm going to have extra on our website to sell. I'm looking forward to making them and wearing them. I think they'll help me with the pain.
I'm off th stir the soup...

Friday, February 25, 2005


Well now you've seen the whole family! That was not the best pic of Rob, he looks a bit like a member of a barbershop quartet...the best pic of him ever is the one on our website (http://www.twinflames.com in case you didn't already know it) I don't really take good pics, Robbin however is totally photogenic!
Oh that Florida woman on life support just breaks my heart!!! If I EVER end up in that situation, UNPLUG ME FOR GOD"S SAKE!!!
Just My humble opinion...
I'm off to thaw the meat for dinner.

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Y'all are in trouble now, I can post pictures!!! YAAY!!!! Get ready!

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General stuff

Well it has been almost a week since m scan and I have heard nothing, so either I'm ok or ?
The other day I was in so much pain it was unbelievable. My back was literally on fire, and it hurt! I took a vicodin...in the morning yet! and went back to sleep for a bit, till the pill could work and I could function. The scan itself put me in bed for almost two days, just feeling ill from all the crap they put in me for it. Threw my "vibes" way off one could say.
Yesterday we had a "snow day", I was supposed to go to the cardiologist but had to cancel, I didn't want to risk slipping. The roads, by the time we would have been heading home, were very nasty and I did not regret the decision.The sun was out full force today and it was beautiful! It was not warm enough to melt much but SO bright it hurt the eyes!!
Tonight O think I'll broil a flank steak (I think they-re calling it "skirt steak" now, no clue why) and sautee some mushrooms with it, and a spinach salad...
Rob made me the most beautiful talisman the other day! I had a large chuck of Moldavite I've worn for years, till I wore the setting out. I'm going to try to post a picture of it, he redid the stone in fine silver, about 1 1/2 oz worth...it is big, heavy and I think quite beautiful! I'm getting it it's own chain, I was wearing the stone with others but this deserves to stand alone :-)

Friday, February 18, 2005


Well, ysterday I went in for what was *supposed* to be a sonigram, and te nurse came out and said "We've decided to do a cat scan instead, called your Dr and He ok'd it" Oh? Well, aaalllrighty then...so then I have to drink this absolutely horrid stuff, and LOTS of it, "so they can get a better picture" I assume it was some sort or barium, it was hard to keep down...Then I have to wait 45 mins so it can go through my intestinal track (smile for the camera!). THEN, while I am signing the release form, they inform me that thry're ALSO going to inject iodine into my arm! Wel! All this on a hitherto empty stomach mind you... SO I assume the position and they do their stuff, and I call Rob to come get me. I felt, well, not so good. For one thing, this is to look to see if I have a hernia. My MS hug is almost not allowing me to breathe it is so strong...you see, my Grandfather died of complications following Hernia surgery...so needless to say, I am somewhat apprehensive. Yes, I know that particular procedure has come a long way since then, and *if* I even have one it is probably not the same kind he had...but still...
SO we came home, I took my meds and went back to bed, where I stayed most of the day. I awoke to find Rob preparing dinner, what a love...we had a very nice dinner (broiled steak and couscous with a salad), I took more meds and watched some TV then went to bed. I am still tired today. I shouldn't be, I've mostly slept for the last two days, but I could go back to bed and be asleep in minutes, I'm sure.
So now there's nothing else to do but await the results...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

MS and Reporters

Well it seems I finally found a GP who LISTENS to me. I have what I think might be something *wrong* with my abdomen. I have been to two Dr's about it, one sad it is a hernia but did do any diagnostics and dismissed it. The other just said diet an excersize...for "normal" chub, maybe, but this is HARD and seems to move...definately NOT normal. The New GP is ordering an ulrasound (tomorrow Thurs at 11 a.m) as He also realizes this is Not "normal"
I'll let y'all know how it goes.
Ok, move aside Barbara Walters, stand away Peter Jennings, My Husband is the World's Greatest Reporter! When he sees something amiss, like the cat yakked, he comes and Reports it right away! And, as you might know, a good reprter, reports but never interferes with the situation, for to do so would change the space/time continuum...so he does not clean it up, but allows Me to, as he knows that is the "natural" progression of things. Gotta love him. It's in the contract.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

But Wait! There's More!!!

Along with your MS you get FREE your own Dx of Diabetes!!! And if you call the toll free number within the next ten minutes, you will also get Hypertension!!! Call NOW!!!
Yes, bouys and girrls, I have now also been dx'x diabetes and hypertansive. My BP at the Dr's was 160/110 which is WAAY to high, it was always 110/70 and shortly after the MS dx it started going up...up...up... so now I'm on even more meds, one for BP and one for Diabetes, plus I get to test my sugar now, ohboyohboyohboy...
Actually, I think this is positive. I know there are things going wrong with my body, and if it takes some pills to get it set right, well, so be it. I'd rather take them and be here to see Robbin grow up then let pride, or sloth, or both, make him grow up without his mommy. I think this will kickstart me in my complacency, get me doing better by myself...I even ate some brakfast this morning. I am not a breakfst eater, never have been, but now I have to change. I'm also going off coffee altogether and switching to green tea. Still going to take the Vitamins and supplements...and I never use white sugar, don't even buy it. But I do use brow sugar in my coffee so that is one reason to go to tea, I drink that withour sweetening (green tea at least, the others I do need a bit of honey, so I'll stick with green) And even more veggies will be served at meals...
So today I start my new life.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Learned Dr's and Schnozzez

Remember I told you about Robbin getting a cough from the wee bit o' time he was in school? A cough that I now share? Well yesterday he was pretty sick, caughing hard, I was rubbing Vicks and giving him cough stuff, so Rob decides to take him to the clinic to see a Dr. So after two hours of waiting and seeing the Dr, The Esteemed Learned Dr turned to Rob and said "Robbin is conjested" Well DUH! All those hours of med school and that's the best he can do? So he perscribes an inhaler and....cough medicine. Exactly what I was already doing, and I've never been to med school. I don't know that I willl use the inhaler too often, I think you can get hooked on those things and possibly get athsma from overuse of them, or at least exascerbate a possible previous tendency toward athsma.
LAst night Rob was sleping on a cot next to Robbin's bed, and I was sleeping downstairs in my (our) bed, and suddenly my snozz let out a whistle that would've hailed a cab! As I lie there thinking, Rob's voice floats down from above "You Ok hun?" I was laughing too hard to answer, so he came down to check on me, only to find me shaking...but this time not from a seziure, but from laughing so hard!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Yorkshire Pudding

Fom time to time I'll toss in a recipe, just because I can. I used to have a yahooey list calles Akyba's Dinner-du-jour, where my intention was to share the recpies I used for that evening's dinner. but with the oncome of MS, dinner became often prepared by another Chef....Boyardee. Now you think Ok where's the nutrition? Well, the tomatoe is rich in all kinds of nutrients...hence the soup ads telling us to serve Tomatoe Soup as often as we can...while the ads might be in poor taste, tomatoes taste good. If you look into Medieval recipes you will find a lack of recipies including the Tomatoe, that would be because they considered it poisonous. Mostly because it is from the Belladonna family. Well modern times have proven it not only Not poisonious, but beneficial. However, tonight I am in the mood to cook, so I shall share the recipies here...
OK Firstly, I'm making Roast Beast...eerrr....Beef. I will place several rashers of uncooked bacon on the beast ere I cook it, and the bacon drippings with the roast drippings I will use to cook my Yorkshire Pudding. Now I know the inclusion of Bacon is my own addition, traditional Pud just calls for drippings from the roast itsef. But I like the extra flavor, and the Pud (by Pud I mean Yorkshire Pudding) comes out a bit crisper then without.
For my basic batter, (Pud is made with a batter) I use 1 1/2 C Unbleached flour (It's OK, I just only buy unbleached, if you buy "regular" flour that will do just as well), 3/4 C milk (any kind, really, it's milk) And 3/4 C water. Toss in some salt, too, while you're at it. Whisk it till smooth. A few lumps are OK, but if you're using a wire wisk you should be able to get them out easily..
Ok, stick it in the fridge, then cook your (whatever, I've made it with Chicken as well as Beef).
When it is done, bring it out and pour off the drippings into an oven proof pan (another reason I use Cast Iron so much) and cover the meat with foil to keep it hot. Now raise the oven temp to 425-450. Put the pan with the drippings in till the pan is hot, then bring it out and pour the batter in (it might need another whisking first to homogenise) {sp} Cook the Pud till it rises, about 15 min, then lower the oven temp to 325-350 till it is brown. Meanwhile...make gravy!!!!
Gravy from "scratch"
Melt some butter in a saucepan. Not too much, a spoonfull or so. Add Flour, same amount, Whisk it until the flour integrates totally into the butter. If it's too liquidy, add more flour till it becomes a paste. Little by little, that's the secret. Then add something liquid, What, depends on what kind of gravy you want to make. Some suggestions are: drippings (but you already used them in the Pud), beer, milk, broth (chicken, beef, veggie, s'all gooood). Add a little at a time and whisk it in, add a bit more, and keep adding and whisking until you not only have gravy, but the thickness you want! I like my gravy pretty thick BTW.
When the Pud, the Meat and the Gravy are done...serve and enjoy!!! You can also cook your Pud in "individual" breadloaves or cupcake tins. Cooking time migh vary, but the first 15 mins should still be at at least 425*
OK, Now I'm hungry...going to go put the beasty in...
Of course, if you don't have extra bacon grease (I save mine) you can use Crisco Butter flavour for the Pud and the drippings or your gravy...I've used the Crisco many times, I guess you could say that Crisco saved my bacon... (Ok I can hear the shudders from here...) (I do NOT Apologize for my Punz) I think punning is the HIGHEST form of Humor, it's themz who Can't pun that think it's the lowest!!!
Hugs and Good eat'in!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Boy I'll Tellya!

Went to wally world, lasy month the Dr perscribed 60 pills and the insurance would only pay for 40, so they put the other 20 on "hold" for this month. Well, I figured as long as we were going there I'd have them fill the ret of the script. The pharmacist said No Problemo, so when I got to the counter and they told me I CAN'T get them...because my insurance wants to know WHAT THEY ARE FOR. They're PAIN pills, what do you THINK they're for? SO Now the insurance companies are second guessing the Dr's? Making them justify their medical decisions? How Wrong is that!?!?!?!? For a new scrip that is unacceptable, but for an already approved REFILL???? IF you think I'm mad...you should hear Rob...
So then we're wandering around doing some food shopping, and what do I see? They're putting out row after row of cupcakes with icing so sweet it'd rot your teeth afte the first bite...iced cokies, cakes...Now, What, you say, is wrong with that? It is, after all, almost Valentines day...it's sweete for your sweetie..Ok, fine, but this from some of the same men that promote absolute thinness? I've heard men say things like "if she gains a few pounds she's a porker and I'll leave her" So these SAME guys think it's ok to give her total caloric sweets? Yeah, you can have it, but you can't EAT it, you might loose your Barbie look. Lord forbid you might look human and not like an oversiliconed plastic "chick". Now some women genetically are rail thin, well, that's fine. It's the women who are braiwashed to think they have to be "babes" and weigh less then a ten-tear-old to be "pretty" Well I'll tellya, My Honey thinks *I* am pretty and I am fer sure no reed-thin babe.
MS...I've gone off the copaxone again, at least till I see the Dr on Thurs, and I feel fine, my heart is feeling better, the "squeeze" is gone.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Week wrap

Wekk it sure has been a week!!! First, we took Robbin to school. After he was there for a day (and not a full one either) they decided they could only have him two hours a day. Then they called and said he would be in all day. Well, Rob gets him up, fed, dressed for the day, takes him to school and they THEN tell him that Robbin cannot be admitted until more paperwork is done, and they really don't think they can do anything with him anyway. So Rob has to go into class and bring Robbin home, crying inconsolably all the way (Robbin I mean) WHY didn't they CALL us and tell us this FIRST before Robbin goes in? Why lie to an emotional child? So we called the School board to register Robbin for homeschooling and, get this one...they had ALREADY send us out the homeschooling packet on the RECOMMENDATION OF THE SCHOOL!!!! Now doesn't that beat all??? Can there be a clearer message? So I've joined some homeschool groups, and I'm going to get him in with a group doing social things...if they're not already doing something on a monthly level I'll start one and get the ball rolling. Also, Robbin now has a nasty cough, thanks to school...at least he didn't pick up that other wonderful school gift...headlice.
Other week things...Unkle Mikey couldn't make it, I am SO disappointed! :-(
MS stuff...I am going off the copaxone, it is NOT helping, and yesterday I had what Rob says can only be a siezure of some sort. My Neuro appt is Thursday, I'll talk to him then, meantime I'm not going to subject myself to this stuff for the nonce. The "siezure"? I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I was in So much pain I was shaking and could barely stand. The pain was not local to any area, it was more like I had been hit with an electrical charge, it was all over, in every part of me, and very intense. I managed to take an Ultram and came in to lie down...still shivering badly. FInally it let up, but the pain stayed as a dull ache for the rest of the day, like the kind of ache you have when you have the flu or a bad fever. Today my eyes are painful. Hard to explain, the eyes themselves hurt and the eyelids do as well.
Also I am concerned about my Heart. it is hurting...like a squeeze. I'm going to ask the Dr for an EKG. I want to make sure the Celebrex did not harm my Heart muscle...
Some good news...Unkle Mikey gave us a really good digital camera, he has another one and he cannot use this one since he cannot DL the drivers and the manual...plus we have had to put $$ into this camera...it needed the USB cable and the charger. The bettery was pretty much dead. Well I got the charger yeserday and it worked!! SO now I will be able to take and post pictures!!! YAY!!!
The charger is another kinda strange story...we went to Radio Shack to get ont, they didn't have it so the salesman went online and found me one on eBay!!! I did the "buy it now" right there in the store, came home and paid for it. I would NEVER have found that part by myself. And he told me that if they had had it, I would have paid more then twice what I paid through the auction...He said he was doing this because he knows we'll be back...and we sure will, that is customer service above and beyond!!!
*whew* well I guess that about wraps it up.
Thanks for reading this blabber...it really helps me to get it all out. I am So mad at the school I could spit...I am SO worried about this siezure thing...I am So glad I have an outlet and don't have to keep this all inside. The siezure if not the first time I have started shivering for no reason, but this time it was accompanied by the intense pain, that is new...Rob told me that one night I was shaking and moaning, rather like someone who had been tossed out nekkid into a snowbank...he covered me up with another blanket and it eventually ceased...This also happened after I resumed the Copaxone. Now I don't know for sure that That is the cause, but it is the common denominator. I have the NEuro appt on Thurs and a GP on FRi. Hopefully I'll know more then.
TTFN...and Blessings

Thursday, February 03, 2005

So much for Hallmark

Well it seems Robbin will be homeschooled after all. They just don't know what to do with him. There is no "box" to put him in. He has learned more then they can teach, and is SO far ahead of the rest of his class it isn't even funny. They can't mainstream him, and there is no way he fits in the autism class. They put him in the music room and he sat down and started playing. The teacher could not believe he's never has lessons. He excells in everything they throw at him. SO now they've just out and told us they can't have him in class. So now we have to call the school district and tell them he's being homeschooled. Rob will take him to the library and he can learn there, and bring home books and tapes for home study. I'm going to look and see if there are any local homeschooling groups, if there aren't, I might have to start one. That way he can socialize and make friends.
As far as MS...these Copaxone shots are not only NOT doing anything for me, they seem to be making me worse. After the shot, I have to sleep, and sometimes I get shooting pains, yesterday the room started spinning like I was drunk. The Dr. has bumped up my appt to the 10th, and I will talk to him then, hope he can change the script to something else. I think at this point the only thing left is the new kid on the block...Tysambri. I hope it works, and he puts me on it. My bathroom control is also compromised in Copaxone, I have great control otherwise, but in the shots I don't have such good control. When I gotta go, I gotta go NOW, and without the drug I am totally normal with my control. I don't care for that aspect of it, either.
Today it's snowing, the prettiest snow, too! Big fluffy flakes...I don't mind because it's supposed to go up to the 50's in the next day or so...so I'm just enjoying the Currier & Ives view outside:-)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

School stuff and other stuff...just stuff I guess :-)

Well, so much for that project! They say they can only take Robbin in for two hours a day, at least until they figure out what to do with him!!! He's WAY too smart for the class they have him in, but because of other considerations (like I said, they cannot let him out of their sight) they can't mainstream him so they just plain don't know WHAT to do with him. Today he sat at the piano in the music room and started to play. Teach asked Rob who taught him or who plays at home? Rob said Robbin is the only one here to tickle the ivories...she couldn't believe he hasn't had lessons...
As for the MS, well, the copaxone is not helping a bit. I felt fairly ill after this morning's shot, room spins, shooting unrelated pains, mostly in my right foot, flu like feeling...stuffy head, big headache. So much joy. *sigh*
I'm SO looking forward to the weekend...Unkle Mikey is coming to stay!!! (Yes, BTW I DO know how to spell uncle...but with Mikey it always seems to be more *right* the other way LOL). Rob has moved all the jewelry making stuff up into one of the upstairs bedrooms to make it more comfy for Mikey, he's got some gold he wants to melt and roll and make some jewelry from :-) Yes I *know* it's not for moi but I love looking at his opals...he has some of the most beautiful opals I've ever seen and I love just looking at them...and Mikey is a superb chef so I'm going to defrost the duck and pick his brain as to the best way to cook it. Yumm!