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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sleep study

Well I did it, I had a sleep study. Now I have to await the results. It was not as bad as I'd expected. The man who hooked me up to the machines was very slow and methodical and had a very dry sense of humor. Very non-threatening, which is good, who wants Nosferatu outside their door all night? He said they might want to put me on the CPAP machine. Ohboyohboyohboy.
Well it looks like we are once again looking for a car. The Blue Bomb did not pass inspection. poop. There is a van that Rob has been looking at, it is only $400 and it would take almost that much to fix the Blue Bomb, so my vote is to try to get the van. We have some events we want to do this summer and a van would be the answer. And it won't get that much worse mileage then the car does. Which reminds me I have to register for the one event coming up in June.
I also just won a couple of auctions from the same people I got that dynamite black dress from, so garb-wise I will be in fine shape! One of the items I am getting, well, two actually, are a really pretty white top and a silver long skirt. Since I am so short I can wear the skirt as a summer dress, I just put the waistband around under my arms, I do it all the time and this skirt will be perfect for that. And the whole outfit will be perfect for our 10th anniversary celebration! I can't believe it will be ten years in just a few weeks!!

Is he a handsome lad or what? Posted by Picasa

Robbin feeding the girls Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The only way to get a good pic of the Polish...hang on to it!!! Posted by Picasa

Latest LDN update.

Ok, I know I haven't posted much lately, it is SPRING here (see pics!) and I've been actually having enough energy to go outside and DO STUFF! SO I guess something must be working :-)
The only symptoms letely were: I was making a huge amount of biscuits and gravy for Mike's birthday party and my hands went numb. They stayed that way for about an hour. Mostly the fingers. Finally I ran hot water on them until I could feel them again and gradually they returned to normal.
And I am dreaming. Hard! Big vivid dreams, not nightmares TG. Tomorow is my sleep study. I am really looking forward to it, hoping to finally get some answers. I know I don't rest when I sleep. Lately I have also been shivering in my sleep. Shivering so hard it wakes me up! Shivering like I am cold, but I'm not. Rob says I look like someone who has been tossed out nekkid in a snowbank. The funny thing is, even though I am not cold the only thing that makes it stop is tossing on another blanket. Last night it happened three times!!
Other news: We were given an aquarium! Fish and all!!! I LOVE it! The cats love it! Robbin loves it!! Rob just got off a reading and we're going to go and get some more fish food as we're almost out and we're going to maybe get a couple more fishies...I want Koi. The tank did come with fish but there are not many, only three...so we're going to get a snail or two and some koi and maybe a Beta. It is a big tank and three fish are lonely, expecially as one is a catfish and one is a pleco...the only fishy fish is an awesome one though, a 15-year-old dollar!! I am SO glad he made the trip ok!
Well I have to go get ready for the expedition!
Later all!

Those Polish are SO fast they're hard to catch a good pic of! Posted by Picasa

The chickkies unter the Lilac tree Posted by Picasa

Some of the chikkies..they're growing SO fast!! I think the two blonde ones are buff orphingtons. Posted by Picasa

Out front yard...a beautiful redbud tree and behind a white dogwood! To the left Holly trees! Posted by Picasa

You can see the white dogwood behine the beautiful redbud! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!
I am doing quite well on the LDN, don't even really mind the taste too much. Spring has definately sprung around here, there are flowers all over and the most glorious trees out front, full of these violet blooms! George came by the other day and he said it is a redbud tree, we also have dogwood, lilac, tulips, and lots of others tha are only just blooning. There are quite a few bushes that George said are sweet olive and when they bloom will have an incredible fragrance to them. We are also seeing what tres are dead and which are not so we will know what to cut for firewood for next winter, and it looks like there will be alot of it!
Found out yesterday that Jimmy has a hernia and will need an operation sometime soon. Poor guy. Ow.
My project for today is to have Rob take the freezer outside and I will remove all the food, see what is viable and what is not, label everything and defrost the freezer, probably with the garden hose. Jimmy brings home food from work in white styrofoam containers and the freezer is full of them, but no clue as to what is IN them, so I intend to find out! usually I go in an rummage around and crack open a few until I find what I want for dinner, well I am going to be able to KNOW what is in them just by looking not freezing my hands off!!
He also said he has a bunch of "good stuff" for dinner today. He actually has today off! His request to me is Pleasepleaseplease make my buscuits and homemade sausage gravy! When he wants that for his day off dinner he usually bribes me with seafood...I have no idea what today's "bribe" is....but I know it'll be good!
Normally I would do a ham for Easter. Now I pose a question....are there any Christians that are Not aware that Jesus was a Jew? So WHY do they celebrate Every Christian Holiday with the one meat HE could Never Possibly Eat? I can pretty much guarantee tha Jesus Never ate even a mouthful of ham. Ever.
Anyway....leaving you with that question I bid you all a Happy and Peaceful Holiday!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Serrapeptase and Salt Lamps

I seem to finally have found a supplement that works. Well, Ok, Bromelian and Bilberry work, but finding something new that really works after trying all of the ones I try is great! It is called Serrapeptase. Rather then go into it all I will post a link to information (you can also Google it): www.serrapeptase.info/
Ok so it doesn't show as a link, cut and paste.
Anyway, even Rob is noticing the difference in me!
The LDN is also helping, and between the two, and trying very hard to eliminate Candida, I am doing very well indeed. I am also going to be included in a trial for a homeopathic remedy for Candida, so one way or another the Candida is about to be *History*!!
Salt Lamps. Love 'em. I just got two small ones which I put on either side of the fireplace. I have a bigger one but it is not here and I miss it terribly so I went ahead and got these two. Hopefully soon I will be able to retrieve my bigger one. Meantime, where I placed these two is right under our bedroom. And for the first night I slept all the way through with no middle-of-the-night worry session. Didn't even have my middle-of-the-night bathroom goings on, either (I know, TMI). I am an affiliate for the salt lamp site, so if you ever want to get one, or the other salt products they offer, like whole salt and wonderful bath salts, go to www.solay-twinflames.com Good prices, great items, never regret it!
Tomorrow I go to the ortho again to check on how my knee is doing. It IS better, much, but still knocks and pings and clicks and I think it is time for the next step (pun intended). We'll see, I'll keep you up to date.
The LDN and I are happy at the 3.0 mark and for now I do not feel any urge to change the dose.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lady in Red

Oh Last night was funny!!! I was wearing that beautiful black satin inlay/embroidered dress. I went upstairs to retire for the night. I have this red, fringed lace shawl, I saw it and tossed it over my shoulders. I went to Jimy's room to get a light for my candle, he and Rob were chatting out on the porch (adjacent to Jimmy's room) and having a nightcap. When I went in with that black/red combination, both men leapt to their feet! I swear Rob almost starting singing Lady in Red, Jimmy was tripping over his words telling me how fantastic I looked!!! I've GOT to get more dresses from HolyClothing!!! The funniest thing is I am as much NOT Jimmy's "type" as he is NOT *my* type!!! But you would not have known that from his reaction. They made me a drink, Rob gave me his seat and stood by my side and held my hand/arm/shoulder/whatever he could reach the whole time. Made an old lady feel young, I tellya!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I confess, I am an eBay junkie...I do most of my shopping there. I shop there for supplements, gifts, goodies, and clothes. There is one place I Love to shop but can rarely afford...HolyClothing...they have the most beautiful clothes, long witchy dresses, gypsy shirts, wenchy tops...my kind of place! I only have one dress of theirs, a long, embroidered green one I got about a year ago. It is my favorite dress by far. Well I got an email from them the other day telling me about a sale, so I bid on this awesome black, long, full dress with extensive embriodery...and I got it...for about $15!!! And it came today!! So I went and took my shower and put it on, then I felt so much better I even put on make-up, and then, my hair was wet and it is a bit on the chilly side today so I also put on my black velvet annie-hall hat. Rob came home, looked at me, and started looking around saying ''Allright, where is he? I know you have a lover hiding somewhere!!" I had to laugh...he is So cute!
I am doing very well on the LDN, the only MS symptom I have right now is occasional tingling in my right hand and some MS hug, but not bad, just kind of feels like I am tightening the tummy muscles when I'm not. I have more energy and less pain. I do have some fairly intense lower back pain but that is normal and probably due more to the scholiosis then the MS. I think if I had a more comfortable place to sit it would help, my office chair is not too bad but my TV chair is not very good and when I am upstairs there really is no supported place to sit, so if I watch TV there I usually lie down in bed to do so. All in it's own good time...maybe I'll find something this summer in garage sales...

Monday, April 03, 2006


Well so far so good. Yesterday it was funny, Rob was at the ready to help me up from my chair and I just popped up with no help!! He looked rather surprised to say the least! I am noticing more energy and flexibility. My knee has also stopped hurting, well by about 95%, it still pops occasionally but compared to before? Not even close. I can't say I feel like a teenager again, but then again I Am 51, but I do feel a Lot better, and I've only been taking LDN for less then a week. I feel like I can go out and DO things again. I don't want to push it, so I am starting slowly...first, by moving the bedroom upstairs so I have to go upstairs to go to bed. Also, I am going out to the chicken coop almost every day, and that also involves stairs. Little steps...little steps...soon I'll be able to take bigger steps...bigger steps...(by that I do not mean my stride I mean my progress LOL)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's day

Well another April Fool's day has come and almost gone...this one had been ~ fortunately ~ uneventful. If you are new to this blog you might not know that I have quite a history of eventful April Fool's days...the one when I was 42 was when I found out I was pregnant! and the one in 2004 was my diagnosis of MS. Both life changing and in some ways both life-affirming. And both SCARY!!
Jimmy tried to "fool" me telling me the chicken coop was in flames...he forgot to have any real panic in his tone so I just said "Oh goody, squab for dinner!" and we both laughed...
Robbin has been uber-excited ALL DAY about the Nickelodeon awards, so in a few I'll go up and watch the last bit with him, then he goes nighty-night and I take my LDN for the night. So far, so good, the "new" dose is working just fine. The main difference I seem to note since starting LDN is more energy later in the day. Usually by this time I'm ready for bed, but I'm still "up" for a bit. Rob has already crashed on the couch downstairs. He might or might not wake up and come up later, I'll not wake him, I have never agreed with people waking someone up so they can go to bed...seems pointless somehow...let sleeping hubby's lie...I feel like i'm excited about something but I'm not sure what it is, like something really good is going to happen. I hope it does!
Well that's it for now...nighty night all