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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oh yes...

And Rob said that for next year's anniversary, our 10th, we'll do something special, like go out to dinner. And he might even let me Super-Size it!!! Whatta guy!!!!

9 years!!!

Yesterday was our 9th Wedding Anniversary. And I think I am more in Love then ever! He came home with flowers...Red Roses! This is the FIRST time he has EVER bought me flowers!!! HE has BROUGHT them before, but field-picked, never BOUGHT. Then we had a wonderful dinner of steamed Mussels and hot french bread, and laughed ourselves silly watching Team America on DVD. Histerical movie!! I cannot remember laughing harder at a movie, not in a very long time. The humor is NOT sophisticated BTW, it is raunchy, wirh marionettes, and we laughed until we hurt!!! Then we got romantic, I'll say no more,but I awoke this morning feeling exhausted, exhilerated, and very, very Loved.
On a totally different note...we're found out that our friends J & P are getting a divorce, after many years, and we might take him in, he wants to move away from where they've always lived and start new somewhere else, and we think that might be here. He would like it here, and he has many skills that are marketable in this area so he would be back on his feet and running in no time. I don't want to lose touch with her, either, she has been Rob's friend since they were kids and was very there for me when I was pregnant and all the years since...he won't be coming until the fall, but he's smart enough to want to get away before the Northern NY winter and come South!!!
My MS is status quo, except my toes get a bit numb, but if I wiggle them the feeling returns, not too bad, all things considered.
Rob says alot of people read this, I don't really believe it. If you would, can you send a quick email to me at akyba@msn.com and let me know? You don't have to say anything more then, maybe, "I read it", and I won't reply unless you indicate you want me to. I'm just curious. Rob says my offerings are inspirational. I'm not too sure about that...but it would be nice to know :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2005


One of the things I am somewhat proud of is my Yorkshire Pudding, and the just posted pic might explain why...
My friend and neighbour George has had a friend staying for a few weeks (to retreat from the Florida heat...smart idea!) and this friend was in the back yard the other evening when I was making one (a Yorkshire Pudding), and he heard me (open windown, and big ones at that). He was curious, and I tod him about what I was making. Needless to say he wanted a sample..but already had plans to go out to dinner that night. So I took this photo of it. That was, apparently, unkind, since he didn't get to sample it, only look at it. So when he had another friend visiting last night, I offered to make them one. Well, needless to say my invitation was accepted! Funny thing was Robbin (and Rob LOL) were very nonplussed to see that magnificent Pud sailing right out of the door!!! And Yes, it was deemed to be excellent! Yes, I Am proud of them, but who wouldn't be? They come out wonderful, it isn't me, it is the recipe! I *know* I posted it earlier...so look, or ask me and I'll send it to you or repost it.

My Yorkshire Pudding, right out of the oven!! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

Rob's Commemorative Crosses ~ new idea he had to sell :-) Posted by Hello

SO up to NO GOOD!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 09, 2005


She has indeed been Baker-Act'ed, I guess they keep them for a minumum of 72 hours for observation. So she's been in for a bit over 24. I Really hope they can help her! Just pumping her full of drugs is NOT the answer. Seldom is. Please send your prayers to her and to Mike. Thanks.

Tara & Car

Well well, it sure has been an eventful 24 hours, actually less. Yesterday, Rob went to Hagerstown to visit Mike and Tara (Yes, Unkle Mikey) only to find that Tara, who has been very depressed of late and we have all been trying to help as much as possible, did the unthinkable. She took a (an electric, makes little noise) CHAINSAW to herself!! Mike was asleep, woke up the a virtual bloodbath. Thank Goddess he was a Medic and knew how to stop the bleeding!!! Rob showed up a bit later, and stayed with Tara while Mike tracked down her parents. They (Mike and Rob) wanted to Baker-Act her but since they're not married they needed her parents to do it. Baker-Act, if you don't know, it basically having someone committed to the Psych ward for a period of (I think) at least three days. Whether they want to go or not. When her folks finally arrived, Rob came home, So I do not know yet if she was committed or what the outcome was/is. I only know I am praying for her, and for Mike. We knew she was having problems, and she did tell them (and me) that she was feeling suicidal, I tried to talk her into going to the Hospital, but she was afraid to. She did not do irreperable physical harm, but will have scarring on her wrists and neck. One does not *off* ones' self with a chainsaw, so we KNOW that was a LOUD cry for Help, and we'll make sure she Gets it!!!
Meanwhile, when Rob got home, he checked the fluids on the new car. Ok, Houston we have a problem. The radiator was leaking like a sieve. So he called the dealer, and they made an appointment with a mechanic for this morning. Rob went, and found out that the head gasket is blown. Oh yay. It *might* be fixed with some of that gunky stuff, but for them to fix it properly they would need to do aLOT more then that! The guy said the only way HE would fix it would be to replace the whole engine!!! So Rob went down to the dealer, and when the guy tried to weasel out of it, looked him in the eye with the fierce look you see in a photo I already posted, and said "What are you going to do to make this RIGHT, Bill?" At about that time the owner came in, and sensing that his career as a salesman might be about to end, the guy offered to sign the title over to us tomorrow morning (he has to have it notarized). So the car is OURS,lock, stock, and gasket!!! Rob said he can possibly fix it, or at least we'll put that gunky stuff in it, and as long as it doesn't run dry it will be fine. Thusly saving ourselves about $2,500 in payments!!!
So as you can see it has been an interesting day so far. what's next I wonder?
Rob has gone off, back to Hagerstown, to see if he can get some work maybe at the restaurant where Mike works, Mike *really* needs an assistant he can trust who can do the work, and do it fast and right. And we know Rob can do it, and Mike needs more then prep help right now with Tara and all that going on...needs emotional support, and again, Rob's the guy for the job. So we'll see. We might need to move to Hagerstown, but we've been thinking about that anyway. Maybe take a place with Mike (and Tara if/when she comes home). Since Mike is also Robbin's GodFather, we already consider ourselves family (always have!) so why not? It would save on the bills, right thee that's a good reason :-)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


You know, Rob and I have never really been able to go to the movies, for several reasons, and have never really been movie rental people, also for several reasons, but I recently joined netflix and I love it!!! They do exactly what they say they will, and we've seen some really god movies we probably would not have gone to or rented. I just finished Lemony Snicket, that was fun, and have League of Extraordinary Gemtlemen on the way. I'm having so much fun! I've also gotten many for Robbin, Shrek2, Sharktales, Racing Stripes...he loves it when one of those red envelopes sows up in the mail!!! I know this sounds like an ad, but it is so refreshing these days to find a company that actually Does what it says it is going to do!!
We have a bid on one of the crosses! Rob (and I) are so excited! It's the one with the CZ,I know they'll love it, I wear one and I do. I'm encouraging him to make more. I think they're really special.
MS...well, lately the bottoms of my feet and my hands feel swollen, I don't know if it is the heat or what. Shoes are not comfortable, not even my Birks. It is HOT HOT HOT and not going to get any better in the foreseeable. The house is staying at around 80, which is hot but tolearable (barely). I think some fans might be needed here! We have been putting GinkyPig out on the lawn to munch on clover, and lately we're been having to bring him in for most of the day and only put him out in the mornings and evenings, too hot for GinkyPigs put there..anyway I hear they're better deep-fried then Roast (Just Kidding!!! I do NOT eat *pets*!!! Not even if they ask!!!). I make it up to him with carrots.

Monday, June 06, 2005


For anyone who got the Vonage email, I now have it up and running! I am SO proud of myself! I had to get an adapter and figure out how to connect through that, and I did it!!! Usually I guess Vonage is easy to install, but my ethernet on my PC doesn't work so I connect to the net through a USB port, and I had to figure out how to connect the whole thing with totally different schematics then the "norm" But I did it, so now the number I gave you in the email IS the correct one to call.
It is HOT today! I think I might just go out to the car and turn on the a/c and sit there all day LOL!!!
I made a 4 bean salad with black olives and garlic hummus with cornbread for dinner last night, Wow was that good!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Well, we did it! We went out and bought a car!!! Got a small tax return, it was enough to put a down on a used car, with weekly payments for a year. Not too bad considering a New car would have the same payments for far longer then a year!! We got a 1988 Chrystler New Yorker, baby blue, leather seats, power everything! In Mint condition, everything works! It even tells you how many miles you have before you need gas!!! And what direction you're going in!! And it only has 112 thou miles on it!!! I think it must have been garaged and hardly used. We're VERY lucky to have found it! It is REALLY nice!!!
AND we sold Bugly! Only $100 but the new transmission was not working, and they were able to haul her away (with the AAMCO papers, there was a warrenty on the transmission, and the guy knows the manager at that shop, so he *might* be able to get it fixed....again) AND the guy also wants the camper, AND he might have some free-lance treework for Rob!!! Gotta make those payments LOL!!!
Rob has taken Robbin off today to Hagerstown to go to the park and visit Unkle Mikey, so *I* can have some time to myself! YAY! I've been going it seems non-stop for days! So I'm going to pamper myself, put a mud-mask on the face, nair the legs, do the feminine bit...since I AM a female that fits the bill :-)
I went to the GP the other day, and he HAS changed my diabetes meds to include Actos. Today is the second day on it, he still has me on Metformin as well, but took me off the Amaryl...which was causing me to have *major* BG crashes, (not good) I even had a bit of one yesterday, but not as bad as they've been. My eyes will go very strange, seeing everything as a rapid series of stills, no movement. Very disconcerting! Happened the other day at the grocery store, I was alone with Robbin, it was so bad I called Rob to come and drive me home! Fortunately I was not too far so he was there in a few minutes. I don't know but that the diabetes is causing me more problems right now then the MS!!!
Weather is SO beautifu today!!! My Strawberries are growing, I have berries!! And they are *Sweet*!! Yum! The garden is blooming all over, the roses are beautiful and wonderfully scented. George is such a good gardener, I am So grateful! I love looking out and seeing flowers, it is so soothing.
Well, I'm off to muddy up my face *grin*