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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Yorkshire Pudding

Fom time to time I'll toss in a recipe, just because I can. I used to have a yahooey list calles Akyba's Dinner-du-jour, where my intention was to share the recpies I used for that evening's dinner. but with the oncome of MS, dinner became often prepared by another Chef....Boyardee. Now you think Ok where's the nutrition? Well, the tomatoe is rich in all kinds of nutrients...hence the soup ads telling us to serve Tomatoe Soup as often as we can...while the ads might be in poor taste, tomatoes taste good. If you look into Medieval recipes you will find a lack of recipies including the Tomatoe, that would be because they considered it poisonous. Mostly because it is from the Belladonna family. Well modern times have proven it not only Not poisonious, but beneficial. However, tonight I am in the mood to cook, so I shall share the recipies here...
OK Firstly, I'm making Roast Beast...eerrr....Beef. I will place several rashers of uncooked bacon on the beast ere I cook it, and the bacon drippings with the roast drippings I will use to cook my Yorkshire Pudding. Now I know the inclusion of Bacon is my own addition, traditional Pud just calls for drippings from the roast itsef. But I like the extra flavor, and the Pud (by Pud I mean Yorkshire Pudding) comes out a bit crisper then without.
For my basic batter, (Pud is made with a batter) I use 1 1/2 C Unbleached flour (It's OK, I just only buy unbleached, if you buy "regular" flour that will do just as well), 3/4 C milk (any kind, really, it's milk) And 3/4 C water. Toss in some salt, too, while you're at it. Whisk it till smooth. A few lumps are OK, but if you're using a wire wisk you should be able to get them out easily..
Ok, stick it in the fridge, then cook your (whatever, I've made it with Chicken as well as Beef).
When it is done, bring it out and pour off the drippings into an oven proof pan (another reason I use Cast Iron so much) and cover the meat with foil to keep it hot. Now raise the oven temp to 425-450. Put the pan with the drippings in till the pan is hot, then bring it out and pour the batter in (it might need another whisking first to homogenise) {sp} Cook the Pud till it rises, about 15 min, then lower the oven temp to 325-350 till it is brown. Meanwhile...make gravy!!!!
Gravy from "scratch"
Melt some butter in a saucepan. Not too much, a spoonfull or so. Add Flour, same amount, Whisk it until the flour integrates totally into the butter. If it's too liquidy, add more flour till it becomes a paste. Little by little, that's the secret. Then add something liquid, What, depends on what kind of gravy you want to make. Some suggestions are: drippings (but you already used them in the Pud), beer, milk, broth (chicken, beef, veggie, s'all gooood). Add a little at a time and whisk it in, add a bit more, and keep adding and whisking until you not only have gravy, but the thickness you want! I like my gravy pretty thick BTW.
When the Pud, the Meat and the Gravy are done...serve and enjoy!!! You can also cook your Pud in "individual" breadloaves or cupcake tins. Cooking time migh vary, but the first 15 mins should still be at at least 425*
OK, Now I'm hungry...going to go put the beasty in...
Of course, if you don't have extra bacon grease (I save mine) you can use Crisco Butter flavour for the Pud and the drippings or your gravy...I've used the Crisco many times, I guess you could say that Crisco saved my bacon... (Ok I can hear the shudders from here...) (I do NOT Apologize for my Punz) I think punning is the HIGHEST form of Humor, it's themz who Can't pun that think it's the lowest!!!
Hugs and Good eat'in!


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