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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Monday, January 24, 2005


I'd like to clarify something about my meds...Yes, I AM taking a more natural approach, but also Yes, I am going back on the injectables as the MS is progressing some and I'd like to keep it under control (yeah...MS control...I know that's an oxymoron...). I am also taking something for pain, as the supplements can help me in many ways but pain management is not one of them.
I'd also like to tell y'all that I have had a friend working on our website and I think she's done a splendid job, check it out at, she has a link to her biz on the links page, if you or anyone you know needs work on their site check her out, she does awesome work and her prices are beyond reasonable, especially for the amount of work she puts into it.
Now...on to other is COLD!!! So cold *I* even feel it!!! We are nowhere near the center of this storm area but we did get about 3" of the white stuff and it is COLD out there!!! Rob has been ferrying kerosene to keep us a bit warmer, the furnace doesn't quite do it, add in a nice hot kerosun and we can maintain the warmth. Funny thing is when I finally DO get cold, I have the darnest time trying to ge warm is like I am either too hot or too cold, no happy medium here (Ok make your own jokes there...).This house was definately NOT built to keep hear in, but rather to stay cool in hot weather. Funny thing is there folk seem to think that just because we're S. of the Mason/Dixon line, we're in the South, well ya know what? We're Not! We're still where there is very cold weather. The "South" is about 500+ miles South of here!!! But they've built these old houses with Summer's heat in mind, not Winter's chill. Big open rooms, high ceilings, and this house doesn't even have a fireplace, or any evidence that there's ever been one!


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