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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Friday, January 07, 2005


So, last night I tried to take some pills with soda, hoping that would work. Well....I was taking a vit C and a b-complex. One of them caught sideways in my esophagus, causing me to choke and hack and spew and took a long Time to displace, leaving my poor esophagus shredded so badly that all night I fought fever and today I cannot talk at all, and swallowing is a painful to say the least...guess I'll stick with beer for that...I'm not even going to try to take anything today, it hurts too bad, if I got another one caught...well, I'm just not going to risk it. Funny thing is, with my throat all messed up, when I DO talk, I actually *sound* like Yoda!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAA too funny!!!
I watched the Montel Williams show today, he was talking about his MS, I think I have seen that show before, but it prior to my own diagnosis...sure makes a difference in perspective...he gives me Hope, in a sense he's almost a Hero for me...
Speaking of Montel, there is an interesting webpage I'd like to share with you....Famous People w/MS I think you might be surprised at some of the names you see there...
I will probably blog along as it comes to me, since I have led quite a diversified life I might write on anything from singing in Spain to soaking in Seattle *grin* If I talk about someone I will use their first name but now their last..not for their privacy, but because they just might not like what I have to say...(and you know who you are, right val...buffy...tonya?)
Matter of fact, I'm pretty darn sure they WON'T like it at all...but then again they are past and I might just let the past stay dead and buried.
There are SO many GOOD things in my life to pass on to y' also might notice a distinct lask of talking about my birth family...there's good reason for that. My ONLY family now are my husband, Rob, and our son, Robbin. Everyone else in my estwhile family is dead to me...their choice and I respect it, partially because I never want to hear from them again. Now, Rob's family, well, they're far away in Fla...his sister does have one wonderful talent, she makes awesome hot sauces...not that she "needs" advertising, but her website is Check out the Chocolate/Habanero bars, they're just TOO good!!!
I have been *gently* reminded that birth family is not one's ONLY family. And Yes, I DO have an extended family, a chosen family...and they are the most awesome support group that anyone could ever ask for. Thank You..and YOU also know who you are...(right Kathy? Joyce? Dodee? Barbara? John? LJ? Susie? Justin? Mikey? Tara? Jimmy? Patty? Sandy? All my friends from the MS lists?) There are more but I'll stop now, I think I've made my point.....


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