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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ok, I am going to try something...I am going to make a new blog with  recipes and cooking ideas. I am planning on calling it "Dinner at YodaMamma's House". In it one of the things I will discuss aside from live events (which will mostly go on here) will be what I made for dinner and how, especially if it came out yummy! Look for it. I will start it now.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Good Christian ~ A Christmas Story (and a true one at that)

One of the reasons I follow the Spiritual path that I follow is because I had SO many so-called "Good Christians" screw me over without remorse or hesitation. Now, I never stopped believing that they exist...REAL "Good Christians" and my faith was rewarded. I ran into an actual one today. In word and deed.
Now, here is the background story:
The other day my dryer went kaput. Elaine mentioned it might be something simple like a belt. SO this morning I awoke to Robbin's Christmas present parked out back...Rob home.
So, Rob decided to check out the dryer and manages to cut the power to the whole house. oookkkaaayyy...except we find two outlets that still have power, so we plug the fridge into one of them. Our water pump is battery powered so we always have water (not to mention we have an artesian well out front). And I cook with propane so that is also something I never have to worry about.
Anyway, after a bit of trying to figure out the power problem, I call a friend and ask him if he knows of any local electrician. Now, remember, this is Christmas Eve, so any electrician is going to charge through the nose, but what else can we do?
Anywhoo....Tony calls back and sez to call this guy Hank (coincidentally, my Father's name). I do. He comes out. He fixes the problem. And he looked totally blank when Rob asked him how much do I owe you? He finally said, well, you can give me $5 for gas. Rob (of course) doesn't have any cash on him, neither did I, so off to the bank they go. Rob gave him $20 and he lit up like a Christmas tree and said "Now I can buy a gift for my Mom!" (now mind you this guy is MY age). Now for the Christian part...I know he is one and attends the cute little Church where they did Rita's memorial service. He talked about it and told us we should go and how they are truly Spiritual, not Catholic, not Protestant/Methodist/You-Name-It. Just Spiritual. Told Robbin he needs to go so HE can ALSO get to know "Our Lord Jesus Christ" I assured him Robbin has his Spirituality well under control.
Now, I will tell you I *do* know several REAL "Good Christians" online (Kate? Marianne?) but very few, if ANY, in "real" life. This guy is my Christmas Miracle. A total stranger, only bound by a single common thread (Tony) and yet he treated me like a long-lost sister. He would have happily walked away without a dime in payment, because we were in need of something he could provide. SO...I tip my (pointy black) hat to this one, honest, for real...True Christian. Amen.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

She did it again!

Mamma kitty, the same one from two posts ago, had managed to birth 2 more totally black kittens! One is polydactil (meaning more toes then normal, 6 instead of 5), the other is not, the polydactil one is also what is referred to as a "Hemingway" cat, since he had a special fondness for them and to this day they have the run of what was his home in Key West. I know, I've been there (I have the same birthday as Hemingway...and Robin Williams! And Janet Reno...and Don Knotts...what a day!). Anyway, she had them outside under the big Oak tree in the yard. Now, she was HUGE so I figured she had a few in there, but we only found one (the Hemingway kitten). I even went out later to the place Robbin had found it to listen and look for more...nothing. Mamma kitty was acting somewhat restless...and later in the day she went outside for a bit...and came back in with another kitten! So now we have 2. Mommy and babies are doing well, she is very contented...sweet little mamma...and Yes, if I get the chance I WILL have her "fixed".
Robbin is doing SO well in school...taking Chinese as an elective...and photography. His teachers are always calling me to tell me how proud they are of him, he is a straight A student...whatta kid!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

O.B.E. Wan Kenobe

In a few days it will be Robbin's 15th Birthday. As a Mother I tend to spend the days before and during that time remembering where I was and what I was doing during the days prior to giving birth. I remember him moving inside my body, and I remember the birthing process, which in my case included my flatlining and myself being given the option to not return. I remember the voice telling me "You don't have to go back" and my answering "Yes, I do" The voice said "There will be much pain" and my reply was that it would be nothing compared to the pain of never holding my son. So I came back. And Yes, there has been much pain. There has also been much joy, and I do believe that overrides the pain.
Robbin is an awesome person. He is a straight A student, is virtual-schooled, even taking Chinese and Photography as electives! We are now living on what will be our own land someday, in a small place, but it is a double lot so there is actually quite a bit of land. It is a single-wide mobile home, small but cozy. There is a carport and much of our living takes place out there. I have my kitties here, Momma kitty came into hear as soon as we moved and found herself a fella, so she's preggers again. The daddy is either ginger/white or ginger/tabby (there were two of them). We moved here almost 2 months ago. The place we were living was much bigger, but was also very old (this place is MUCH newer and in way better condition). The old place had been virtually abandoned for 30 years so there was a lot going wrong with it, like the floors...they kept getting soft spots and even holes so maneuvering around in my chair was sometimes like maneuvering a minefield. Here, well...it is too small for the chair so it stays out in the carport. That was I can use it to go around the neighborhood if I want.
Rob is ok, still doing his healing work and readings. Right now he is out of town, and I am hoping he can get back by Robbin's Birthday. I know he'd hate to miss it and won't if he can help it. We are on good terms now. Yes, that took some doing, and (on my part mostly, and on Robbin's part hugely) a lot of forgiving (not forgetting, forgiving). Neither of us could live with all that anger. It would turn to illness, so we HAD to release it, and for the most part, we have. I still have to have the TV on all night if I am to get any sleep. If I turn it off I start to think and that inevitably leads to me getting angry again so I pre-program it and leave it on. The other night I was able to turn it off for a few hours so I guess that is getting "better". When I DID turn it off I was rewarded. From the window I can see the night sky. where we are there is very little light pollution, so when the TV went off the stars came out to my vision. Orion was right out the window. I could have reached out and touched it! And you might remember Orion is Robbin's middle name. Cool, eh?
I will not promise to write more often, don't want to make promises...but I will try.
In case you haven't figured out the post name it is Out-of-Body-Experience Wan Kenobe (The O.B.E. as in Obe...got it?) (I just had to 'splain it to Robbin so I figured just in case...)....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here kitty kitty

Oh LUCY! Someone's got some SPLAININ" to do!
Yes my lovely Javanese lady Suchi went roaming...and when she popped them out, they were all three COAL BLACK...silly girl...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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Yeah, it has been a bit. Things are ok. Robbin is doing splendidly in school, running mostly A's, I couldn't be prouder. Day after tomorrow of Thanksgiving, it will be just us, instead of a big turkey I have a nice roasting chicken, will also make a Yorkshire Pudding, stuffing, green beans, corn...I also have a pumpkin pie...
On Sunday we will go to Rob's Mom's, Monday is his birthday so it is a general Thanksgiving/Birthday party. I will make a cake, that's my contribution.
Life here is so quiet, there is rarely much to blog about. I am still on LDN, still working well for me. I am also taking DE and recently started Iodine Protocol, so far so good.
My old PC died. It didn't owe me anything, it was about 7 years old. I got a new one, from the local PC store, he is letting me make payments bless his cotton sox. I am on it now, finally have Win7 lol...woohoo! Miss XP a bit, but I am sure soon Win7 will be familiar.
Bless all y'all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I know

I know it has been awhile, it has been both busy and quiet. Rob was here for a bit, brought Unkle Mikey with him, and also brought a new mommy kitty and her litter of FIVE, and dropped them off for ME to raise. Needless to say, my two were not exactly pleased about this. Neither was I. I love cats, but my two had achieved a good balance and going from two to EIGHT was a bit much. Not to mention how much food they went through, and litter!
Anyway, when they were old enough I found homes for 3 of them, and when they went back up N. Mike took the other two. HE has already found a home for one of them. I kept the mamma, so I can have her fixed. Rob was going to just drop her off at a farm, where she would have spent her short life spitting out kittens. I mean, her *first* litter, at under a year of age, and she has FIVE? She is a very sweet, tiny little soft calico.
While her was here Mike spent a few weeks visiting his sister in Tampa, while he was there he did me the HUGE favor of going to the funeral home and getting my sister's ashes. Rob had promised and promised he would do it, then when there was an actual opportunity to DO it, he said "I'm not doing it, I am done with this!" Nice. What if it was HIS sister? She had been there for over a year as it is..and he would have just let her stay there forever. Nice. thanks. So Mike got her for me, and now I have all three (mom and two sisters), need to figure out how to spread them on the water somewhere.
The other day my PC blew up, I am having to share Robbin's with him. When my SSI comes in next month I will get mine looked at, hopefully it can be saved, if not, well, hopefully something will sell on eBay and I can replace it. After all, it IS almost 7 years old and I spend probably 12-14 hours a day on it, poor thing doesn't owe me anything lol...I was playing something when the screen went blank and there was smoke coming out of the back...not a good sign, methinks...
Robbin is terrific, getting all A's and B's in school. Loves to ride his bike when he can, of course at this time of the year here in Florida it is way too hot, but soon it will be fall and he will be able to go out daily again.