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Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle

I saw her interviewed the other morning, and I really have a bit of a bone to pick with the interviewers...they're making fun of her because she isn't a raving beauty, and because of her little dance and the never-been-kissed thing. Now, these ladies are all beautiful, successful and married. They absolutely know NOTHING about being plain, or being picked on and bullied. In their insensitive way they are also bullying her. Not that they mean to, they just have no basis for comparison to get into HER head. She is, romantically, as unplucked as her eyebrows, that in today's society that is such a rarity (the romance, not the 'brows, which BTW are coming back into fashion...she just didn't know she is ahead of the pack).
What *I* want to hear in the way of questions has nothing to do with whether she has been romantically involved or not (none of my business) but about her singing! I want to know if she's ever taken singing lessons, if she practices, what her favorite genre of music is...I know she's been singing since she was 12, is she totally self-taught? Her vocal control is awesome, her vibrato extraordinary, she uses it lightly, some singers SO overuse it, she uses it to amplify but not excessively. I know she took acting lessons, had she ever sung onstage before? How did she do it? She went out there and took total control, one would have thought she was a pro. I don't give a fig about her romance or her dance, it's cute but she was also very nervous...and who can blame her? But the second she launched into song and blew the crowd away, she took total control...a beautiful thing to see...and a blow to all the "perfect people" out there who relish judging people like us, the not-so-pretty, not-so-young, not-so-svelte and not-so-perfect women (and men!). YES, we not-so-perfect people CAN and WILL surprise you, we ARE worthy, and are tired of being downtrodden!! HUZZAH for the Susan Boyle's of the world!!!


Blogger Mael Brigde said...

Susan did mention being professionally trained as a singer. She apparently (check on this) gave up pursuing a singing career to care for her mother, who died at 91.

1:07 AM  

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