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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Monday, March 31, 2008


Is it March that comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb? Well, nobody bothered to mention it to the local weather *was* getting warmer and some of the snow was melting it is in full blizzard mode, white-out, snow...lots of snow...Rob went to town and barely made it back, and the hard part was our driveway...snow on top of mud. Guess we're getting our April Fool's weather a day early!
I still haven't heard back about either the Jazzy or the social worker. We are planning to add to the house, build another big room just like this one (Cordwood), and we're hoping to import Unkle Mikey to do the woodwork. He is a master at wood, nobody better.
We're going to make it power-chair friendly. This house is, and we'll put a ramp from one level to another. I Love multi-level places. We have big plans for this place, we just Love it, love it here, even though the winters are a big harsher then we expected...but then again I have heard from several sources that this winter has not been typical.
I put in our chick order today, getting 25 Light Brahmans, but they won't be here till mid-May. I was going to order Guineas, but they're $4.50 each, minimum order 30! No can afford! So, there are neighbors that have guinea fowl, we might see if they have any for sale, or maybe our friend L. can find some, she goes to all of the local swaps. We need to get more rabbits, too...and maybe more ducks. Might, just maybe, there is a teensy possibility, might get a dog. Or not. Dogs are great, they have many benefits, but some, they'd eat the livestock (the chicks, ducks, rabbits...I think the goat is safe, from the dog at least) and that would tick me off bigtime!


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

"25 Light Brahmans"

Wow ... them's buggers a hole heap 'o' work!

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