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I am 60, have MS, am an avid cook, love making candles (soy) and watching the endless parade of Nature outside my home. I treat the MS with supplements and LDN, I do not use any of the C.R.A.B. MS meds, we don't get along well. I was married for 13 years, we were together for 15. We are now divorced. Sad, that. I do still love him, but ONLY as the father of my baby. Better to keep it civil, hurts the child(ren) less that way, but is oh-so-hard to do sometimes.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Believe it or not someone dropped off this glorious Maine Coon cat! He has been on his own for some time by the way I can still count his ribs...he is spayed and declawed. why would someone abandon a helpless cat? Once they have no claws, they have NO defense, can't even climb a tree to escape danger. I saw him out on the porch one night, late. Wasn't sure what I had seen, so large and dark, so I went out and called, heard a meow that was unfamiliar, and HE came around the corner. He was literally starving, I put out some food and I swear I have never seen a cat eat so frantically. I put out my hand and he rubbed, raised up to it, and I was lost. I called Rob, took him about 1/2 second to declare him ours. He went in and brought out a chicken leg, also took a few days to entice him in, but as you can see that was successful :-) Rob named him Maxx (as in Maximus Kitty) I named him Moose, so he is MaxiMoose, or Big Guy. He has GREEN eyes, so green! He is a brown mackeral tabby. I finally got all the burrs out of his tail. He is eating 1 to 2 cans a day, plus dry, and finally starting to fill back out. We estimate he lost about 1/2 of his body weight, from where he should be.
In other news:
Rob is currently in Fla. His Father passed. Rob has been gone a week, as of today. He left the night of Robbin's 10th Birthday. He will probably still be gone for about a week. I am doing Ok, got food and sundries to last, and can drive as far as to go into the nearby town if I have to. I miss him SO bad!
As you can see, I got my camera replaced, so I will be posting pics again YAAY
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Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Maxx ... that works. Definitely a Maxx.

10:18 AM  
Blogger TheyDHD said...

That cat is gorgeous!

Rejoice! Thou hast been tagged for 7 random facts bout you!

1:45 PM  

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