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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Phoenix the rescue kitty

Phoenix appeared one day in our backyard, over by the chicken coop. We have no idea where she came from, and the coop is quite some distance from the closest road, so it must have been a harrowing trip to get where she was. I think someone must have tossed her out of a car. She was injured and starving. Of course we fed her, well, put out a can and hoped she would find it, and of aourse she did. So we started feeding her daily. Rob took the pic you've seen after about a week or so, so she was already looking quite a bit better then when we first saw her. She had trouble walking and a couple of obvious injiries, one on her flank and one on a shoulder, and a big tick on her ear.
One day after obtaining some trust from her, I put out a can where she would see it, and inched my way toward her. Finally I was able to pet her, but we left her a few days more to instill more trust. Then one day Rob put a can in the carrier and she came right in, we closed the door and the funniest thing happened...she was instantly as tame as if we had raised her from the start! You would never know she was feral! Rob took her and bathed her and removed the tick and washed those great big ears out, and perixided her wounds. We then brought her upstairs and put her in a vacant room for a day or so to get used to the idea that she was finally safe, with abundant fresh food and water. She also instantly litter trained herself!
Since then, we moved her into our bedroom, she sleeps on me or by me every night. She is getting sassy! She has a very long tail, long legs, big ears and a tiny, pointy, foxy face, with astounding eyes that change color constantly. I have seen them sky blue, green, sage, golden, and almost colorless. She has also learned to play!!! She is a very sweet kitten, and a bit of an enigma as we really have no clue how she got to be where we found her, all we know is she was tiny and injured and starving and now she is growing, her wounds all healed up and a very sweet little addition to our home!


Blogger TheyDHD said...

Rescue kitty my ear! You have yourself a mystical companion. She chose you for her family. *smile* Sounds like she chose correctly too.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.

9:10 PM  

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